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Potential Causes Of Corrosion And Rust On The Coils Of A Window Air Conditioner

Did your window air conditioner recently stop working efficiently and you opened it up to find signs of corrosion and rust on the coils? Coils are a vital part of the cooling process as the coils taken in refrigerant, chemically convert the refrigerant, and then become cold in order to cool passing air and your room. Problems with the coils can make the unit inefficient or completely nonfunctional. What are the potential causes of corrosion and rust on the coils of a window air conditioner – and how can the problem be fixed? Read More 

7 Reasons Your Attic Fan Is Noisy

Attic fans are a great resource to help keep a home cooler in the summer, especially on hot days. Stale air can accumulate in the home, but the attic fan will help bring fresh air inside. They must continue to run to receive the best results, but a noisy fan may not be worth the effort. If you can figure out why your fan is noisy, you might be able to fix it. Read More 

Common Air Conditioner Myths Refuted

If you are like many other individuals, you may have little understanding about how your home's air conditioning system keeps the building comfortable. A weak understanding of your house's air conditioning system can make you vulnerable to believing misconceptions about these systems and how they impact your home. By having the following common myths refuted, you should be much better informed about this essential part of your house.  Myth: An Air Conditioner Will Make The Home's Interior Humid Read More