Get Ready, Get Set, Cool! Three Things To Do To Your Air Conditioner Before Summer

If you have air conditioning in your home or apartment, it's time to get it ready for hotter weather. Even if the temperatures where you are are still more than a bit chilly, the mercury will rise faster than you realize. Instead of waiting until everyone else is trying to get their air conditioners ready for summer, take care of yours now by doing these three things.

Change the Filter and Dust the Exterior of the System

Take a dust cloth and simply dust along vents, doors, and any other fixtures related to the air conditioner. Give portable units and window units a thorough dusting all over, including hoses and, for window units, the part that sticks outside, if you can reach it. If you have a central system, change the filter as well; this should be located behind a fairly large grate on the wall. By getting rid of all this extra dust and dirt, you not only prevent it from being blown around your house, but you also prevent any of the dust from getting into the controls and causing them to function less efficiently.

Have the System Inspected

You also need to get the air conditioner inspected, especially if you have a central or ductless mini-split system. The inspection will ensure that all of the parts of the air conditioner -- not just the ones you can see -- are working well and not likely to fail anytime soon. If you have a window or portable unit, it can pay to get those inspected by a professional HVAC company, too, because even though replacing them is easier than replacing a central or ductless mini-split system, you shouldn't have to worry about those smaller units breaking unexpectedly.

Check Your Home's Weatherstripping

While this might not seem like a way to get the air conditioner ready for summer, it actually is crucial. If you have a drafty, leaky home, the cool air from the A/C is going to leak out, and hot outdoor air will leak in. That will make your air conditioner work harder than it has to in order to keep your home cool. If you didn't check your home's weatherstripping before winter started, do so now.

If you want other tips for getting your air conditioner ready for summer, talk to HVAC companies like Century Heating & Air Conditioning Services in your city. Start now because the closer you get to summer, the more crowded their schedules will be.