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Three Heating Problems To Call A Heating Contractor For

There are many problems with your heater that can come about that you will want to hire a heating contractor for. This includes some of the common problems that you ought to know about. When you know about some of the common problems, you can be sure that you call in a heating contractor right away to resolve it before it becomes worse. Here are three common heating problems to know about: Read More 

3 Compressor-Related Issues That Can Impact Your AC’s Function

The compressor in a central air conditioner compresses a gas refrigerant fuel to allow that fuel to move on throughout the cooling system. If the compressor fails to push out that refrigerant, the system can't function and you won't receive any cooled air. If your system has stopped cooling unexpectedly, the compressor is a good place to start troubleshooting. Here are a few compressor-related issues that can impact your air conditioner's functionality. Read More 

How To Reduce Your Water Heater Energy Use When Renting

When you are renting an apartment, one of the major appliances that is probably contributing to your heating bill is your water heater. Water heaters, whether run on gas or electricity, are one of the bigger energy users in a home. When you are renting a home, you most likely cannot upgrade or modify the water heater or your faucets to reduce energy use associated with your water heater. However, there are still a few things that you should be able to do as a renter that will lower your water heater energy related costs. Read More 

Have You Found Mold In Your Home? Make Sure You Clean Your Air Ducts

If you have a mold problem in your home, it could also be in your air ducts. This is why it is very important that you have your air ducts cleaned so you can be sure. If not, mold spores will easily get into your home each time your HVAC unit is running. The mold spores will continue to grow and then you would have an even bigger problem. Below is some information about cleaning your air ducts that you should find helpful. Read More 

Guide For Choosing AC Options For An Old House

Old houses often don't have air conditioning installed, which can be a problem when the summers are hot and uncomfortable. You may decide that the answer is to install air conditioning. In this case, you have three options – central AC, ductless or mini-split systems, or a window unit. The following guide can help you decide. Central AC This is the most expensive option, since it may require the installation of duct work along with the air conditioner. Read More