Things That Might Cause The Heat Exchanger In Your Furnace To Crack And What A Heating Contractor Can Do

Your gas furnace needs to be kept in good shape so it's not expensive to operate and so no damage happens that could let carbon monoxide escape. You should hire a heating contractor to do preventative maintenance at least once a year and to do repairs when problems arise. It's important to care for all of the parts, especially in the combustion area, so the heat exchanger doesn't crack. Here are some furnace problems that can cause the heat exchanger to crack and how they can be prevented. Read More 

3 Things To Do To Prepare For AC Installation

AC installation is complicated, so you should assign it to seasoned HVAC technicians. They have the skillset and equipment to perform the work properly and ensure the unit works efficiently for many years.  But before the professionals arrive to install the cooling unit, you should prepare adequately. Preparation will ensure everything runs smoothly and prevent inconveniences.  Consider doing the following things before the installation day.  1. Ensure the Ductwork is in Good Condition  Read More 

3 AC Unit Issues That Need Emergency Repairs

A functional air conditioner is instrumental in keeping your home cool, especially during the hot season. However, all AC systems need constant maintenance to deliver quality cooling to your indoor spaces. So, if it has been a while since you conducted an AC tune-up, your unit might malfunction when you need it most. When this happens, you will have to tolerate an uncomfortable indoor space, not to mention persistent malfunctions might force you into a premature unit replacement. Read More 

5 Geothermal Heater Faults That Require The Attention Of A Heater Repair Service

Geothermal heaters, also known as ground-source heat pumps, are a highly efficient and eco-friendly option for heating your home. These systems use the constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool a home, which can save homeowners up to 70% on their heating and cooling costs. Like any heating system, geothermal heaters can experience problems that require the attention of a professional repair service. Here are some common issues homeowners may encounter with their geothermal heaters and how a repair service can fix them. Read More 

3 Common Classes Of AC Problems

Modern central air conditioners are complex systems with several potential points of failure. Most AC problems fall within one of a few basic categories. Here's an introduction to three common classes of AC problems. 1. Airflow Issues Your HVAC system's main function is circulating air, and it needs an adequate supply of air to do this effectively. An airflow bottleneck at any point can bring down your entire system's energy efficiency. Read More