Services That Will Keep Your Vacation Home’s Heating System Maintained

Ensuring that your vacation home's heating system is operable and that the ductwork and vent openings are clean will provide your guests with the comforts they are accustomed to being supplied within their own homes. Heating services that include inspection, troubleshooting, and cleaning steps are offered through many HVAC companies. Start With Your Contractor The HVAC contractor who was involved in installing the heating system within your vacation home may have a record of this and be able to assist you with determining what types of services to seek when having your equipment assessed by an HVAC crew. Read More 

Heating Issues: What’s Making Your Home Feel So Cold?

If your home is exceptionally cold even after you set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature, check your HVAC system fast. Your heating system could have a number of things to take care of, including closed air registers. Learn how closed air registers can make your home feel exceptionally cold in the winter. What Could Make Your Home Feel Too Cold? If specific areas or rooms in your home feel exceptionally cold to you, it could be due to closed or blocked air registers. Read More 

5 Repair Options For A Noisy Window AC

A window air conditioner unit can provide targeted cooling for a single room. Due to its proximity to the space, though, issues that result in noisy operation can be especially annoying. Repairing the noisy AC problem is a must for both your peace of mind and to ensure that the AC continues to operate properly. 1. Lubrication Issues Loud squeals and squeaks are often the result of a lack of lubrication on one of the moving parts of the air conditioner. Read More 

AC Maintenance Service: 4 Indicators You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

At the core of every comfortable home during hot weather is a functional air conditioner. Therefore, your AC needs regular maintenance to cool your indoor space when it's hot outside. Typically, air conditioning services, such as cleaning ducts, are crucial every year. Here are four indicators you should have your air ducts cleaned. 1. Presence of mold If you reside in a humid area, mold can be a common occurrence since it thrives in a moist environment. Read More 

What You Should Do Each Year To Maintain Your Home’s Air-Conditioning

Part of keeping the major appliances in your home working is performing routine maintenance. This is especially important for your home's HVAC system, which gets plenty of use all summer long to keep your home cool. The last thing you want is for the unit to break down unexpectedly on a hot day, which is why it will help to perform some annual AC system maintenance.  Clean The Compressor The outdoor compressor is likely filthy after the past year of being outside. Read More