5 Common Air Conditioning Repairs You Should Know About

There may come a time when your AC breaks down, leaving you feeling hot and uncomfortable. This is where air conditioning repair comes in. In this blog post, we will discuss five common air conditioning repairs that you should know about.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are one of the most common problems that AC units experience. This can occur when the unit is old or has not been maintained properly. When the refrigerant drops below a certain level, it can cause the AC to malfunction, resulting in less cool air coming out. A professional technician can easily spot a refrigerant leak and fix it by adding more refrigerant to the system.

Dirty Filters

Dirty air filters can also cause problems with your AC unit. A dirty filter makes the air conditioner work harder, leading to higher energy bills and less cool air blowing out. Ensure you change your air filter regularly. If you do not know how to do so, consult a professional technician.

Broken or Damaged Fan Motor

A broken or damaged fan motor can also be detrimental to your air conditioning system. A faulty motor can cause your AC to produce less cool air or no air at all. A professional air conditioning technician can easily diagnose and fix a faulty fan motor in a timely manner.

Thermostat Issues

Thermostat issues can cause your AC to operate inefficiently. Issues with the thermostat can cause the AC to turn on and off frequently, leading to an increase in your energy bills. Before calling a professional technician, ensure that your thermostat is set properly and the batteries are not dead.

Clogged Condenser Coils 

Condenser coils are responsible for releasing heat outside your home. When they become clogged or damaged, your AC unit will struggle to cool your home. A professional technician can clean the coils and restore them to their optimal level of functionality.

Keeping your air conditioning unit in the best condition is essential to ensure that it runs efficiently and effectively. Ensure you maintain your AC unit regularly by having a professional technician inspect and service it at least once a year. In case of any repairs, do not hesitate to contact a professional technician to help diagnose the problem and resolve it. Knowing the common air conditioning repairs and how to prevent them can save you time, effort, and money in the long run. 

Reach out to an HVAC contractor to learn more about AC repairs