Tired Of High Energy Bills When The Temperature Outside Rises? Call A Residential AC Service Expert

If your energy bills and electrical expenses in the summer are too high and you feel that your house isn't even as cool as you would like, it's time to consider replacing your air conditioner. This could help to lower the use of energy throughout the warmer months, and help you get the relief from the heat that you want.

First, have your current air conditioning unit tested by a residential heating and cooling company. A residential air conditioning repair professional can determine what is wrong with the unit, if efficiency can be increased, and if it's time to upgrade what you have.

Inspection and Efficiency Test

A thorough inspection of the AC unit needs to be completed. This will determine what needs to be fixed now, what the parts and labor costs will be, and how long the repairs will take.  

Ask the inspection professional about the potential lifespan of the unit and do an efficiency test. This test will allow you to see how efficient the unit is, and how much money you are possibly wasting each month because of your old unit.

Replacement Quotes

If you think it's time to replace the unit and upgrade to a more energy-efficient residential air conditioner, you'll want to get a replacement quote. The quote from the HVAC company should include:

  • Labor costs
  • New unit price
  • Material expenses
  • Business licensing and certification
  • Removal fee of the old unit
  • Termination of contract information

The start date for the project may vary based on when the new air conditioning unit is in stock. Ask how long the quote is good for, and how long the project will take to complete.

New Unit Information

You want to choose a new residential air conditioning unit based on its Energy Star status and efficiency rating and get the best unit for the size of your home. Get a unit that has multiple fan settings, a low noise rating, and a high-reliability rating.

The thermostat should be replaced with a more modern option at the time that the air conditioning unit is replaced. This way you can improve your energy savings by setting timers on the thermostat and controlling it wirelessly when needed.

If you have concerns about what the costs will be to have a new AC unit installed, have a residential air conditioning repair company come to your house to assess your current unit, and quote a new installation. From there you can choose what works for your budget.