5 Signs An HVAC System Is Having An Emergency

HVAC systems provide immense comfort. They can pose safety hazards in certain emergency situations, though. If you're looking at one of these five problems, it's time to contact an emergency HVAC repair technician.

The Smell of Gas

If you use a natural gas system, you never want to smell gas. Frequently, a failing system will struggle to burn all of the gas during ignition. The ignition process can become explosive. Likewise, there's a risk that the system is operating fine but that a gas line or coupling is leaking.

Any amount of gas that's sufficient to reach the inhabitants of a house is dangerous. Turn the thermostat down and call a technician immediately.

Repeatedly Tripping Breakers

An HVAC unit should never trip the breakers as long as both the electrical supply and usage are properly balanced. If the system has worked fine for years, there's a good chance that some component is damaged, drawing too much power, and tripping at least one breaker. If the system is new, there's a good chance the installer misconfigured it or ignored the available electrical supply. Whichever scenario it is could cause an electrical fire so ask an emergency HVAC system repair company for help.

Burning Smells

This is more likely to be a sign of an electrical problem than gas. The A/C component of the HVAC unit could be overheating and melting the coating off of wires. A damaged blower motor could also cause this issue regardless of whether the heating or cooling system is running. Operating in this condition is unsafe.

Zero Air

If there is no airflow, your home's HVAC unit may have a serious problem. The best-case scenario is that the blower motor quit entirely. However, there could be a near-total clog of the filter or a significant accumulation in the air vents. If the air isn't flowing out of the vents, back pressure can blow out the gas and cause a dangerous condition.

Rising Energy Bills

Many kinds of electrical malfunctions can cause your energy bills to rise. You might not notice any of the other signs if your house is properly ventilated or pressurized to prevent odors from the basement from reaching the living area. In fact, you might only notice that you need an emergency HVAC repair need once you look at the electric or gas bill. The problem could be as simple as a faulty thermostat or as bad as a malfunctioning compressor or burner.

To have your unit inspected, contact an emergency HVAC system repair service in your area.