3 Things To Do To Prepare For AC Installation

AC installation is complicated, so you should assign it to seasoned HVAC technicians. They have the skillset and equipment to perform the work properly and ensure the unit works efficiently for many years. 

But before the professionals arrive to install the cooling unit, you should prepare adequately. Preparation will ensure everything runs smoothly and prevent inconveniences. 

Consider doing the following things before the installation day. 

1. Ensure the Ductwork is in Good Condition 

If you already have existing ductwork, ensure it's in good shape before installing the new air conditioning unit. Get a technician to inspect the ducts to check for any damages. Once the repairs are complete, you'll need to clean the vents. This way, you won't breathe in poor-quality air after the AC installation. If you don't clean the ducts, the AC will push all the dirt and dust into the house. Besides, a clogged duct system will affect the unit's efficiency, even if it's new.

2. Make the Work Area Accessible

The technicians installing your AC will need adequate room to work well. So before they arrive, create a designated space for them to keep their equipment as well as the indoor and outdoor parts of the air conditioner. If there is a piece of furniture, rug, artwork, or plants near the area, remove them to create space.

Note that these professionals do not mind creating some room for themselves. But when you do it in advance, you'll save time and enhance safety.

3. Confirm if You Bought the Right AC Unit

Before the big day, you may consult with your HVAC contractor to confirm if the air conditioning unit can meet your needs. The specialists will calculate the load to verify if the AC you ordered is ideal for the home. If it's not suitable, you'll have time to contact your supplier and make the necessary changes before the installation day. 

The last thing you want is to realize the unit isn't fit for the house after they complete the installation. It would be costly to fix the mistake then. And if you opt to keep the unit even though it is too big or small for your house, the cooling system won't function efficiently or last long.

Hiring an HVAC contractor to mount your AC is a surefire way to ensure the unit will keep your home comfortable for many years. Therefore, prepare well for the project so everything can run seamlessly.

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