3 AC Unit Issues That Need Emergency Repairs

A functional air conditioner is instrumental in keeping your home cool, especially during the hot season. However, all AC systems need constant maintenance to deliver quality cooling to your indoor spaces. So, if it has been a while since you conducted an AC tune-up, your unit might malfunction when you need it most. When this happens, you will have to tolerate an uncomfortable indoor space, not to mention persistent malfunctions might force you into a premature unit replacement. To avoid this, here are three issues that need immediate attention. 

When Grime Blocks the Drain Line 

The condensate drain line can clog with gunk and hinder efficient operation. Note that when this happens, the pan will fill up and overflow. In such cases, the moisture could harm your AC and other electrical devices around the area. More importantly, note that this can pose an electrocution hazard, so you should avoid handling any electrical appliances near the water backup. Instead, call an AC repair expert to clear the drain and restore proper unit function. In addition, your unit may need immediate service if the water has dripped into other components.

When You Have Leaking Coolant

A coolant leak can be dangerous to both people and the environment. Moreover, if the refrigerant in your air cooling unit begins to leak, the indoor temperature will fluctuate, leaving you with an uncomfortable environment. Remember, this is not a problem you can handle on your own. The leak must be located and repaired by a trained AC service expert. This way, they will add the correct amount of refrigerant and seal the leak to restore proper cooling.

When You Have Problems With the Compressor 

To accomplish a heat exchange process, the compressor forces the coolant through the coils to absorb heat from your indoor air. However, if this crucial component in your outdoor AC unit stops operating, you won't be able to enjoy a cool and pleasant house. In most cases, the failure manifests as screeching or grinding sounds. Note that because of the complexity of the compressor, it is often more cost-effective to replace the unit than to repair the issue.

Other problems that need immediate professional attention include trouble with the capacitors and motor. Again, it's crucial that an AC repair expert handles all emergencies as they are better equipped with the skills and knowledge to diagnose the system's problems. So, call an AC repair contractor if you notice signs of trouble.