Why Should You Service Your Furnace Annually?

How often do you have your furnace serviced? Most folks know that furnace maintenance is crucial. However, very few go out of their way to schedule a tune-up for their furnaces. They'll only call an HVAC expert when their furnace malfunctions. Amazingly, investing in furnace maintenance will offer so many benefits, as discussed below.

Reduced Your Energy Bills

Do your energy bills keep increasing, but you can't figure out what's causing the spike? Well, the spike can be attributed to the lack of furnace maintenance. Maybe your furnace has been struggling to keep your home warm due to the lack of service. Consequently, the furnace consumes a lot of power since it has to run for long hours. 

A well-maintained furnace takes less time to complete the task, saving energy. That said, you should ensure the furnace always performs optimally by scheduling a seasonal tune-up. 

Your Furnace Will Have a Longer Life Span.

A furnace can cost between $600 to $6,200 depending on the type, size, and features. As such, you may not have the luxury of replacing your furnace often. So, it would be wise to maintain your furnace for it to last longer. Surprisingly, a well-maintained furnace can last more than 10 years. And if you are lucky, your furnace can serve you for two decades as long as you invest in routine maintenance.

Low Chances of Furnace Breakdown or Repair

Unexpected furnace breakdown can be frustrating and expensive to repair. Regular furnace tune-up doesn't guarantee your furnace won't fail. However, routine maintenance should keep the repairs at a minimum. At least you'll save a lot of money that you could have used on repairs and replacing broken parts.

Improved Home Safety

The safety of your family and home matters a lot. A furnace produces heat by burning fuel. So, you must make sure that the combustion process goes on well. If your furnace has incomplete combustion and starts leaking carbon monoxide, your entire family will be in trouble.

Inhaling carbon monoxide is dangerous to your health. Besides, inhaling a huge amount of carbon monoxide can be fatal. Scheduling annual furnace maintenance improves your family's safety because the technician can identify leaks and cases of incomplete combustion early.

Improved and Healthy Air Quality in Your Home

Servicing your furnace not only reduces the chances of breakdown but also improves your indoor air quality. A heating contractor will replace the air filters and clean the ductwork to ensure that your furnace blows clean air into your home. Then your family will breathe air free from dust and other allergens.