Heating Issues: What’s Making Your Home Feel So Cold?

If your home is exceptionally cold even after you set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature, check your HVAC system fast. Your heating system could have a number of things to take care of, including closed air registers. Learn how closed air registers can make your home feel exceptionally cold in the winter.

What Could Make Your Home Feel Too Cold?

If specific areas or rooms in your home feel exceptionally cold to you, it could be due to closed or blocked air registers. Air registers, or vents, allow warm air to reach every area of your home. If you keep some of the vents partially or fully closed during the day, warm air won't reach every room in your home. Some of the rooms in your home will become chilly or uncomfortably cold to you.

Open every air register in your home, including the unoccupied rooms in your house. Place your hand over the surfaces of the vents and wait. If warm air flows against the palm of your hand, you have solved your heating problem.

If you don't feel warm air blowing against your hand, look and see if dust covers the surfaces of the vents. Dampen a small hand towel and use it to clean the vents thoroughly. If you still don't feel warm air flowing through the registers, call a heating company now.

How Do You Solve Your Problem?

Closed air registers aren't the only things that cause homes to feel too cold in the winter. The thermostat in your home can trigger problems with your heating system if it's out of date, broken, or incompatible with your furnace. A heating company can troubleshoot your home's thermostat for issues. If needed, a company can install a newer thermostat in your home.

If the thermostat isn't the cause of your cold home, a company will check your furnace. Your furnace's main heating components may require repairs, including the electronic ignition system. The electronic ignition system in some newer furnaces can stop working if they experience a problem with their electronic control boards. An HVAC company can run tests on the ignition system and control board inside your furnace to see if they require repairs or replacements.

An HVAC company may do a number of other things to warm up your home, including replacing your furnace. If you do need a new heating system in your home, a company can help you find and install it.

If your home feels too cold this winter, call a heating company for services today.

For more information on heating services, contact a company near you.