AC Maintenance Service: 4 Indicators You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

At the core of every comfortable home during hot weather is a functional air conditioner. Therefore, your AC needs regular maintenance to cool your indoor space when it's hot outside. Typically, air conditioning services, such as cleaning ducts, are crucial every year. Here are four indicators you should have your air ducts cleaned.

1. Presence of mold

If you reside in a humid area, mold can be a common occurrence since it thrives in a moist environment. You might spot mold near the grill or vents in your air duct. In other cases, condensation on your cooling system causes biological growth. When that happens, you need to hire an AC service technician to inspect and clean your ducts. Mold is pretty dangerous since it aggravates allergies and other respiratory diseases. The worst part is that spores can spread and damage your clothes and furniture.

2. Poor airflow

A functional AC cools your home and circulates fresh air for utmost comfort. However, if your ductwork is dirty, you might experience restricted airflow. Besides that, your air conditioner will strain to cool your residence. Grime in your AC blocks air from reaching all parts of your house. Also, the following things can clog your ducts:

  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Dust
  • Debris

The ultimate solution is to reach out to an expert for a comprehensive AC service. After that, you will enjoy the fantastic indoor air quality that you deserve.

3. Unbearable odors from ducts

If unpleasant smells dominate your home, even when it's clean, it could be the air duct system. There are arrays of reasons why unbearable odors could be emanating from your vents. For starters, mold and mildew have a musty smell when your AC is operating. Also, the following can contribute to this issue:

  • Rodent infestation
  • Insect invasion

Typically, mice and rats can infest your ductwork and make it their home. These rodents will leave their droppings, food, and bacteria inside your AC. Some rats or mice might die inside the vents and contaminate the air you breathe. For these reasons, it's important to contact an air conditioning services provider to determine the cause of the foul smell.  

4. High cooling costs

Increased energy bills at the end of the month is a tell-tale indicator to have your air ducts cleaned. In such a case, your AC is struggling to cool your home due to clogged ductwork. During the cleaning exercise, an experienced technician can look for leaks that contribute to high cooling costs. 

If your cooling system presents the signs highlighted above, you need routine air conditioning maintenance. An expert can clean your air ducts and check for other underlying problems. Contact an air conditioning service near you to learn more.