4 Signs That It’s Time for Furnace Replacement

As much as you may want to repair your furnace, it is not always possible. Your furnace will eventually get to a point where performing regular maintenance and repairing broken parts won't be enough. Here are some signs that it is time to have your furnace replaced.

The Furnace Is Old

A furnace will eventually get to a point where it is too old and needs to be replaced. It's a good idea to figure out how old your furnace is, which can be done by looking at manufacturing information on the furnace itself. You won't know the exact year the furnace was installed, but you can certainly figure out when the furnace was made. If the furnace is more than 15 years old, consider replacing it the next time it needs to be repaired. Thankfully, new furnaces are capable of lasting much longer these days, so your new one will last a long time. 

The Furnace Is Causing High Energy Bills

The energy efficiency of a furnace is measured by how much gas is wasted when heating your home. Be aware that over the years a furnace is going to become less efficient at heating your home. It will eventually start wasting more gas to get your home to the same level of comfort. Keep an eye on your heating bills, and if you have noticed the energy use go up significantly, it could be due to an old furnace that needs to be replaced.

The Furnace Requires An Expensive Repair

You should always weigh the cost of replacing your furnace against how much it will be to repair it. If you received a quote for a repair that seems especially expensive and the furnace is also older than 15 years, look into the cost of replacement. You may discover that spending a bit more money on a new furnace will result in a brand new furnace and improved energy efficiency.

The Furnace Frequently Breaks Down

Do you feel as if an HVAC technician is coming out to your home every year to fix something that is wrong with your furnace? The repairs may not be that expensive each time, but it will add up with every single repair that you make. A new furnace will not only solve these issues but give you peace of mind since it will come with a warranty. To learn more about furnace replacement, call an HVAC company.