Commercial Fryer Failure: When You Need Repair Services

Owning any kind of commercial food service business usually also means having some commercial fryers in your kitchen. While commercial fryers are fairly reliable, like any other commercial kitchen equipment that sees a lot of use, they are susceptible to breakdowns. Knowing some of the most common issues and fixes can help you determine when you need to call for commercial fryer repair services.

When The Pilot Won't Stay Lit

If your commercial fryer's pilot light won't stay lit, but you know that there's adequate gas supply to the unit, that's an indication that one of a few things may be faulty.

The pilot light itself may be dirty. This is an easy fix and one you can do yourself. Simply take a clean rag or a soft brush and clean the area, being careful not to drop any debris inside the pilot light's orifice. Try lighting the pilot light again and see if that fixes the problem.

If the pilot light isn't dirty but still won't light, the next thing to check is the high limit switch. The high limit switch is a safety feature that prevents the deep fryer from overheating. It automatically disables the pilot light when the unit is too hot. Unfortunately, when the switch malfunctions, it can lead to a complete pilot light shutdown. 

Test the high limit switch by disconnecting it completely and connecting the wires from the switch directly together. This removes the switch from the circuit. Try lighting the pilot light again and see if that works. If it does, the high limit switch is the problem and you'll need a repair technician to install a new one. The fryer needs to be drained to install a new one because the sensor bulb sits directly in the oil well.

The thermopile, installed between the gas line and the pilot light, could also be the source of the problem. If it has failed, the pilot light will not light. You'll want to have a technician test and replace the thermopile if you suspect that is the problem.

Finally, the safety gas valve in the fryer could be the cause of your problems. This valve is essential to the safe operation of your fryer and preventing some potential fires, so it is important for you to have this examined and replaced by a technician. If you suspect the safety valve is the issue, shut off the gas feed to the fryer and call a technician right away.

When The Pilot Is Lit But The Fryer Won't Work

If your fryer's pilot light isn't the source of the issue, you have to look at other components. For example, if the pilot light is on but you still can't get the fryer to heat oil, the problem could rest in the thermostat or the heating element. Either one can easily be replaced if they are faulty, but it's best to have them tested by a technician and professionally replaced if there is a problem.

If the burners won't light at all despite the pilot light, the burners may be clogged. You can drain the fryer and clean the burners in the same manner that you cleaned the pilot light. This may restore operation.

Any time you are dealing with issues with a commercial fryer, it's important that you rule out the easy stuff first. Then, you can determine when it's best to call a repair technician. With the information here, you can repair some common issues or reach out to a local fryer repair tech to address some of the more complex things. Don't let a malfunctioning deep fryer leave you losing business. Reach out to a technician who offers services like Frymaster repair near you right away for service and repair.