Things That Influence The Cost Of Having A New Furnace Installed

When your old furnace is so worn out that it isn't a wise use of money to keep repairing it, then you'll want to install a new furnace before the old one breaks down and leaves you shivering in the cold. A new furnace may be a big investment, but it's a necessary purchase for your home. Here are some factors that influence the cost of a new furnace installation.

If New Ducts Are Necessary

It's often necessary to replace the ducts when you get a new furnace. You might have to do this even if your old ducts are still in good shape since the size of the ducts is the most important consideration. Your new furnace needs the proper ducts to operate efficiently. It may be possible to adjust the ones you have, but if not, be prepared to buy new ones so you get the best service from your new furnace.

If You Switch To A Gas Furnace

There are benefits of having a gas furnace over an electric one, but if you have an electric furnace now, then switching to a gas model will drive up the installation cost since you'll need to have gas lines installed as well as the furnace. If you want to make the switch to save on operating costs in the coming years, calculate the higher cost of a gas furnace and the cost of installing gas lines into the equation to see if the expense is worth it.

If You Buy The Right Size

You'll want professional advice when you choose a new furnace. Buying a larger one than you need seems like a good way to ensure you'll be warm in the winter, but you'll spend more on energy bills and the initial cost will be higher. Instead, choose the right size so you won't spend more money on a larger furnace than you need. The furnace company can do a load calculation on your home that determines the perfect size for your furnace. This ensures you won't waste money and that you'll stay warm in the winter too.

In addition to the above factors, the furnace brand, the location where the furnace is to be installed, and the features you want on the furnace will affect the price. While you don't want to buy a bargain furnace just to save money, the cost of your new furnace is an important consideration, so you want to find a quality furnace that gives you years of service at a price you can afford even if it doesn't have all the latest features.