What to Look for in a Professional Furnace Tune-Up

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to deal with during the frigid winter months is a broken furnace. Not only can emergency repairs be expensive, but a non-working furnace on a cold day can put your home at risk of burst pipes and other expensive damage. The best way to avoid a mid-winter furnace problem is to schedule annual inspections with a reputable HVAC company. And by knowing that to look for in a furnace inspection, you can ultimately choose the right professional for the job.

General Inspection

Any furnace tune-up should begin with a general inspection of the entire system, including duct work and vents. Specifically, inspectors should be on the lookout for any black soot, residue build-up, or other obvious signs of problems. Furthermore, the inspector should take a look at the flames at work within the burner itself, making sure they're a healthy blue color.

Thorough Cleaning

A furnace tune-up should also include a thorough cleaning of many of the furnace's parts to help ensure efficiency and reliable operation. This should involve turning off the breaker to the furnace itself and carefully vacuuming out any dust or debris from the inner and outer components of the system. The blades of the furnace blower fan should also be carefully cleaned using a microfiber rag, and any moving parts should be properly oiled or lubricated to keep them functioning smoothly.

Necessary Adjustments

Your HVAC professional should also check and adjust belt tension as needed as part of your furnace tune-up. Specifically, this will include making sure the belt is free of cracks or other signs of damage. From there, if there is more than about a half inch of play in the belt itself, the technician should make the necessary adjustments to ensure proper tension.

Repair Recommendations

Finally, a furnace tune-up should conclude with an overall report of your furnace system and recommendations for any repairs. Your HVAC professional shouldn't pressure you into scheduling any repairs you're not ready for, but he or she should also be honest about what needs to be done as soon as possible and what could possibly wait until next winter.

These are a few of the most important components any furnace tune-up should include. By finding a reputable HVAC company like HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric in your area that performs this as part of their tune-ups, you'll be in good shape.