Timing Your HVAC Maintenance Appropriately

When it comes to getting the best value for your money out of an HVAC maintenance or service appointment it's all about the timing. Certain times of the year are more beneficial than others, and that tends to be largely seasonal, but the specifics vary by region. In order to decide on the best time to schedule your service appointment, it's a good idea to first understand how several factors impact the HVAC trade.

The Highs and Lows

Extreme conditions are the most likely factors to influence the workload of the average HVAC company. Whether that's extremely cold temperatures or extremely hot temperatures, the demand placed upon most HVAC units by their owners tends to peak during these periods. This results in more breakdowns, more emergency repair calls, and fewer available contractors as a general rule.

Avoiding the unfavorable months will at least improve your chances of scheduling an appointment at a time that works for you. In some areas, lower availability also drives up pricing because emergency calls and major repairs tend to be quite time consuming, meaning that fewer total appointments can be kept. As a result, each job call that an HVAC technician rolls out on will need to generate more revenue to make up for fewer total appointments in a given period.

Mild Conditions and Median Prices

It should go without saying that any time spent without your HVAC system running can be uncomfortable, but it's far easier to endure if the temperature outside is in the mid-50's to 60's. Milder conditions make the downtime required for most maintenance and service work a lot more bearable, especially if the call results in a repair that might take longer. When these conditions are ideal is something that you'll need to determine for yourself though, based on your experience with weather in your region.

Milder conditions also mean fewer labor intensive repair calls will be weighing on an individual company's resources. That means being able to slot more total jobs, most of which will take less time to complete. Many companies even go so far as to run seasonal discounts for certain service and maintenance appointments, so keep an eye out in local newspapers or contact a few contractors directly.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of the factors that contribute to shifts in availability or pricing among HVAC companies, it does provide a useful guide. For specific pricing on a service or installation, contact a few contractors in your area (like D & W Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.) for a variety of quotes.